Alexander's Quest is an organization started in memory of Alexander Edwin Brown who died of brain cancer on the 23rd of October 2010. He was only 2 years old. Our little warrior, Alexander Brown, is a beautiful, brave and precious two-year old boy who has lost his life to an aggressive, rare and cancerous brain tumor.  Towards the end of his courageous 1o month battle we realized that we were out of options and he was going to be going home soon. We spent the last few months of his life completing his bucket list. Alexander's "bucket list" is the reason this organization has been started. There are wonderful foundations that grant fantastic wishes to alot of children but what do you do after that. Thanks to the smaller foundations, we were able to do everything Alexander had ever wanted to do. That is our mission as well, to help other children who are terminally ill with cancer gain life experiences that fill their final days with joy.

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